Since I was very young I always loved reading comic books and watching cartoons, and eventually began drawing them. I never imagined that my love will eventually become my profession, and I am so grateful that it happened that way. I attended a local art college where my artistic abilities were expanded into sculpture, painting, design, and sketching. Since graduating, I worked at several cartoon studios and commercials. I am now a freelance artist, which gives me more time to work on my own art. Because of the freedom of freelancing, my creative life today is much more interesting since the diversity of the work is so great.
About Me

Friends of L.A.P.I.N.

Los Angeles Paranormal Investigative Network (L.A.P.I.N.)
Las Vegas Ghost Connection
We investigated the Zalud House in Porterville, CA with Lori and Ron last Halloween weekend and look forward to working with them more in the future.

Paranormal Movement Investigations (P.M.I.)
Heather and Benny from P.M.I. run the Zalud House in Porterville, CA, where we investigated last fall.

​602 Paranormal
We recently met Artie and the gang from 602 Paranormal, The Boo Crew and had a great time investigating Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights, CA with them.