Andrew Thompson
Founder & Investigator

Joey Harrison

Stacy Ann Raposa
Equipment Manager & Investigator

About Us
​LAPIN was formed as a means to explore the rich history of Los Angeles, investigate reports of the supernatural and to document and share our findings with the public.

Los Angeles was officially founded in 1781 by Spanish explorers. The 44 original settlers were known as "The Pobladores" or "townspeople." Today, L.A. is a sprawling mecca of nearly 10,000,000 people. The "City of Angels" has a long history of tragic events and many eerie stories. Mysterious places, haunted hotels, cursed film sets and ghostly sound stages are just a few.

The three main members of our team, Andrew, Joey and Stacy all share in the belief that there is something more out there than what can easily be determined by our 5 senses. We believe there is more to existence than flesh, blood and bone. We are all energy. Energy never really goes away, it simply takes another form. Whether it be residual energy that continually plays, as if in a film loop, at the site of a tragedy where massive amounts of energy were released, or an intelligent entity that has the ability to communicate with the living, our goal is to find evidence and document it here. There is more to the universe than what we humans have the ability to comprehend in our 3 dimensional world. Perhaps there are many other dimensions, spiritual planes or even multiple planes of existence that parallel and exist in real time simultaneously with our own lives. We may be unable to perceive these planes with our limited visibility.

We are more than ghost hunters. We seek to explore all avenues of the paranormal. Since we are a network, we will occasionally bring in guest investigators that are experienced in paranormal research and that share similar beliefs to our own. We will also utilize the help of mediums and sensitives in our investigations.

As you'll see in our web series, L.A. Paranormal, we approach the work in a light-hearted manner, with a sense of humor. It is our belief that our fun approach will not only entertain our viewers, but will also open us up to a larger audience that would not otherwise have an interest in the field of paranormal research. 

We conduct actual investigations, without staging of any evidence. We also attempt to explain away any purported supernatural events and debunk them as natural phenomena wherever possible. It is our hope that you will not only enjoy our web series, L.A. Paranormal, but that you also will support us in our endeavors as we continue to explore the deepest, darkest mysteries of "The Land of Broken Dreams". 

Sincerely yours,
Andrew, Joey and Stacy - The L.A.P.I.N. Team
Los Angeles Paranormal Investigative Network (L.A.P.I.N.)